Day 31

Day 31: Young, Free, and Coupled | Wedding Confessionals

Young, Free, and Coupled
Here at Young Free and Coupled we have a very unique outlook on everything. We take in information, apply our ‘realness’ filter, then converse in the most eloquent way possible to you guys! We have been married nearly 10 years, have four children (whom we homeschool), live in hustling and bustling London, and we love to talk.

Wedding Confessionals
The only thing we love more than weddings is talking sh*t about weddings! In each episode Pam & Brooke chat with a guest about their own wedding experiences. Then they all dive into confessionals and advice questions sent in by listeners. Our mix of helpful and hilarious will keep everyone laughing and sane during the nutty experience of getting a couple down the aisle.

Young, Free, and Coupled: Contact with the Opposites Ex: Part 1

young free coupled

Today’s episode is about contact with exes: A normal and often troublesome issue in most relationships! We discuss appropriate contact, how we’ve dealt with it, how our partner dealt with it, and lessons learned! This episode is very candid and honest, so sit back and listen in on a young married couples’ conversation.
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“Have you ever overheard someone talking, and thought they were so funny and interesting that you wanted to just listen in on their entire conversation? That’s what it’s like to listen to Young, Free, and Coupled! Married duo from London, Issa and Meika, talk openly and honestly about current events, relationships and parenthood, while making you feel like you’re at the kitchen table with them.”
-Wedding Confessionals

“Married couple Issa & Meika are (obviously) very comfortable with one another, leading to a frank, open, conversational podcast. This episode focusses on contact with your partner’s ex, and certainly sparks an interesting conversation.”
-Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour

“It’s interesting to kind of be a fly on the wall in this couple’s conversations. A good look at how actions have an effect on relationships from both sides, not usually a conversation you get to hear from both sides. I appreciate that they don’t come at this from a condescending way and just talk in a natural way.”
-Soapy Madams

Wedding Confessionals: We All Want To Be The Cool Bride (with Erica Mandy)
wedding confessionals


Mandy from theNewsWorthy Podcast joins Pam and Brooke to report all the hard hitting news… about her wedding! She tells the gals all about trying to find the perfect dress for 8 bridesmaids, a questionable officiant, and falling in love with a venue only available by boat! The gals also help listeners with their wedding problems, including a mother’s high expectations and a rude co-worker who tries to make wedding planning competitive!
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“I’ve been married to my lovely wife for nearly a decade now and thankfully we are still in love… That doesn’t mean i don’t remember all the stresses involved leading up to the big day though! This podcast helped me to laugh remembering them! Everyone either has been, will be, or knows someone getting married and this podcast is right up your street. I’ve binged a few episodes and they always have really great guests and are really involved with contact from listeners, i most definitely recommend! Plus the listener secrets are hilarious!”
-Young, Free, and Coupled

“The best part of attending a wedding is talking about all the beautiful, terrible, and hilarious things that happened at it. The scariest part about planning a wedding is all the beautiful, terrible, and hilarious possibilities. Wedding Confessionals perfectly captures both sides of the most stressful and cherished day in a couple’s lives. It is LOL funny, candid, and absolutely binge-worthy.”
-Our Americana