Day 30

Day 30: American CrimeCast | Breaking Beauty

American CrimeCast
A podcast where we utilize our voice to speak for those whose voices were stolen.

Breaking Beauty
Behind every bestseller, there’s a damn good story. In this narrative series, long-time magazine beauty journalists Carlene Higgins (formerly of Flare Magazine) and Jill Dunn (beauty expert on The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV) chat with industry’s most genius brand founders, and find out how they broke into the biz, with a little beauty idea that blew up into a million-dollar success story. Find out which products beauty editors and insiders really hoard, while hearing the struggles and successes behind the world’s buzziest beauty brands.

American CrimeCast: Case #14 : Alvira Johnson and her 7 Children

american crimecast

Early Tuesday morning on April 10th, 1933, freshly fallen snow surrounds Johnson’s farmhouse in Chisago County, Minnesota. The dark night air is chilly, and outside the house is a flatbed truck packed full of the family’s belongings. Later this day the family is going to move into a new home… at least that was the plan. This is the story of the death of Alvira Johnson and her 7 children, and the disappearance and manhunt of her husband Albin.
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“If Unsolved Mysteries’ best episodes were to turn into a podcast, this would be it. Shane L. Waters weaves a strong narrative, including many details of witness accounts, to paint a picture of the night of the crime that is both immersive and creepy. Following up with an analytical look through the evidence released for the case, he gives his personal theory of what happened that night while leaving it open for listeners to come to their own conclusions. As someone who is not into true crime podcasts, I generally find myself bored with the pacing and style of most. But, with Shane’s telling of Alvira Johnson’s case, I was engaged throughout the episode.”
-The Sometimes Geek Podcast

“Shane does a great job of treading the line of entertainment and respect for the victims. He doesn’t sensationalize the story for the sake of the podcast, but rather delivers the facts of a crime in a straightforward, respectful manner that is entertaining to listen to. True crime done right.”
-Next Fan Up

Breaking Beauty: Episode 11: Glossier Founder Emily Weiss
breaking beauty


She re-invented beauty for the Instagram age and now Emily Weiss is turning Glossier global. We dive into her editorial roots (who had the most epic bathroom in her days reporting for Into The Gloss?) and learn her secret weapon that made her “Skin First, Makeup Second” mantra takeoff. We scoop her best product hacks & hear from IRL Glossier fans 🍒 🍉 🌈 💯 Plus: what does it take to get hired by Emily? What’s the worst advice she’s ever received? And find out what #glossier products she’s dreaming up next.
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“Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins, pros in the beauty business, are here to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how your favorite makeup, hair and skin products came to be. Along with their own insights into the business, they interview big names in the beauty world, including the people behind bestselling lines Glossier and Smashbox! If you’re interested in beauty products, history you can’t learn in high school, or entrepreneurship – this podcast is for you!”
-Wedding Confessionals

“Anyone that’s ever met me knows that I’m not a wearer of make up; if you gave me some I would barely know how to apply it! Despite this, I was captivated by this podcast. Hosts Carrie & Jill are not only knowledgable about the beauty industry, but clearly very passionate about it, which makes listening an absolute pleasure. The interview with Emily Weiss was incredibly interesting. I’d definitely recommend this to those with an interest in the industry.”
-Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour

“I’m so glad to have been introduced to this show, it’s very insightful and gives a great background/history on brands. It’s great to hear from the creator of a brand and hear what inspired and influenced them. It really made me interested in checking out Glossier and I look forward to some beauty shopping with this brand!”
-Soapy Madams