Day 3

Day 3: Friday Is Game Night | How To Make A Memory

Friday Is Game Night
A monthly podcast about the world of social gaming, from board games, to escape rooms, to hosting an awesome game night. We take the board out of board game and help you bring people together for a gaming experience.

How To Make A Memory
A show that explores the items we make for one another and how they impact our relationships.

Friday Is Game Night: Games For The Whole Family

friday is game night

Lauren and Greg discuss games that are fun for both adults and kids to play too. We also analyze how the size of your gaming group can affect the games you choose to play, we give our escape room report for all 3 rooms of Countdown Live Escape Games in Los Angeles and share what game we most want to play next.
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“I love gaming podcasts! As someone who enjoys playing games of all kinds, I was delighted to be introduced to this podcast. And as a Mom with two young kids, the Family Game Night episode gave me some great ideas. Many of the games that they covered are games that I already love and play as an adult. I’ve been dreading introducing my kids to games like Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. But thanks to this podcast, it sounds like I don’t have to! I am so anxious to introduce my kids to all the awesome games out there, and now I have a big long list of good options to start with.”
-How To Make A Memory

“The intro is fun and drew me in quickly! The unscripted style kept me entertained throughout the podcast, which is a great task to accomplish with episodes over an hour. It sounds like I am in a room talking with friends – loved it! The hosts are so personable, I will definitely be a returning listener.”
-Hometown History

“This is a great podcast for people who love games and games nights. I feel that this would really appeal to families, parents or games enthusiasts. The hosts are great and are clearly very passionate about their podcast and games. They share loads of great ideas for game nights and parties, with many suggestions and tips for creating the event along with the games you could play. They share personal experiences with their families and they come up with games that adults and children can all enjoy. This information will be really interesting for parents planning a family games night where they want to include the kids. I also enjoyed the intro and the music throughout the show.”
-Hong Kong Confidential

How To Make A Memory: How to Make Southern Food
how to make a memory

In this first episode, Jen sits down with Aliyah to discuss making Southern food. Aliyah’s journey takes her from South Carolina to Berlin and teaches her about her family and identity. It’s a story that is fascinating and moving.
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“Absolutely love the concept of this show! It’s such a feel good show that inspires you to get out and create. Seems like something that should be on the OWN network. This episode in particular was fascinating to hear how the guest tied in her sense of identity with her passion and love for food. This show brought back so many memories of my own southern upbringing.”
-Between Us Girls

“While I initially thought I was in for some DIY cooking instructions, I was surprised to find Jennifer Tierney’s How to Make a Memory podcast is literally about just that. Making a Memory. In this episode, she sits down with an old friend, Aliyah, who reminisces about growing up Black and Muslim in the American South. Their conversation takes them through Aliyah’s childhood all the way to her new home in Berlin. It’s a fascinating conversation about people and personal journeys that’s sure to grab your attention.”
-Westside Fairytales