Day 28

Day 28: 33% Pulp | Spoiler Country

33% Pulp
On 33% Pulp, hosts Linzi, Amber, and Daniel pick a pulp fiction novel based entirely on the cover. We each read a third of it, then recap it over three episodes — piecing together the plot and laughing at the prose. Join us for tales of shirtless heroes, sticky situations, and super awkward descriptions of sex.

Spoiler Country
We talk comics, movies, books, and have conversations with creators from all walks of life.

33% Pulp: Night of the Crabs – Part 1

33% pulp

Amber recaps the first third of Guy N. Smith’s Night of the Crabs. How many boners can you find?
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“I was immediately charmed by this delightful podcast. The hosts, Linzi, Amber, and Daniel, take turns recapping 1/3 of a cheesy pulp novel and just goof around on it and the goofs are great! If you’re into crabs and easily-aroused 40 men, you couldn’t do better than to start with Night of the Crabs, Part 1 where Amber kills it with an incredibly funny discussion on a middle aged man and the young widow he fancies (a love so powerful, he immediately forgets the tragic loss of his nephew) facing the threat of the evil-faced King Crab. This is priority listening!”
-They See Me Rollin’

“33% Pulp takes a long look (though thankfully divided into easily-digestible chunks, hence the title) at old-school dime-store novels, getting in tons of laughs about all the groan-inducing dialogue and WTF visuals they came across. In that context, while it may be easy to compare the show to Earwolf’s How Did This Get Made? (but for books), hosts Amber, Daniel and Linzi stand apart from other shows of this ilk in that their knowledge of the author, story and more is rather limited — picking the subject simply based on the tawdry cover — which makes for an intriguing listen, as you don’t already have a backstory or years of pop-culture references to align the subject with. The best review a podcast between friends can have is that the listener feels like part of the group, and that’s exactly the case here. Think of it as a book club where things get hilariously weird! While I may not want to dedicate a ton of time to reading Night of the Crabs myself, 33% Pulp definitely makes me want to jump to parts two and three of this thread immediately.”
-Vinyl Emergency

Spoiler Country: Ben Templesmith – Let’s talk American Politics
spoiler country


We talk with super start comic artist Ben Templesmith about art, comics, politics and a lot more!
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“Spoiler Country is a great podcast if you are a comics enthusiast or looking to dive into the world of comic books. Kenric and Johnny provide great commentary on a variety of issues and always keep the conversation fun and inviting. The duo is well versed in the industry and you can tell they are both passionate about the world of comics. If you’re looking for a fun, light hearted comic review, this is the show for you!”
-Film Roast

“Kenric and John of Spoiler Country tell you all the things. Seriously, all the things from future automation, to Alabama politics, to the Justice League. Now, there are several male-led comic book/pop culture podcasts out there. There’s no hiding that fact. But Spoiler Country offers a few things that make it worth checking out. First, their episodes are completely free of condescension toward non-geeky folk. Second, they get legit guests who offer opinions on interesting and diverse topics. (Who would have thought Ben Templesmith would deem Ulysses S. Grant one of the U.S.’s best presidents?) Third, they really focus on quality. For example their twitter feed, @spoiler_country, focuses on quality of actual contribution rather than random retweets. This emphasis on original contribution mixed with humor and insight is apparent in their episode production. Keep up the great work!”
-33% Pulp