Day 27

Day 27: Oh No! Lit Class | Pop Culturally Deprived

Oh No! Lit Class
Oh No! Lit Class is a comedy literature podcast hosted by two bitter English grads here to tell you all the weird and sexy things you never knew about the books you had to read in school. We’re a fun, foul-mouthed Sparknotes for your ears, mixing plot summaries, author bios, and trivia with filthy jokes, bad impressions, and worse singing.

Pop Culturally Deprived
Mandi Kaye hasn’t seen any of the great films or shows. Matthew Vose has seen everything (most things, he still has to watch Save The Last Dance). Each week they watch a classic and discuss it from both new and knowledgeable perspectives, sometimes being joined by a guest superfan to add even more insight. Join them every Tuesday as Mandi continues her education in the wonderful world of pop culture.

Oh No! Lit Class: Don’t Kinkshame Dracula

oh not lit class

Is there a more recognizable literary monster than Dracula? Maybe, but who cares, IT’S A HALLOWEEN EPISODE! Join us as we learn why wolves make great lockpicks, create a Halloween “Dream Daddy” DLC, debate the merits of a manly brain, and listen to RJ do The Worst Impressions Ever. The scariest part of this episode? We’re literally too stupid to say “Bram” right.
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“Their intro says everything: dead authors, fresh takes. Oh No! Lit Class is a fun, fast-paced that dives into literature. They dive into the details of some of our favorite books and find a way to make exciting when they analyze each piece of work. As someone who isn’t a big reader, I still find the show extremely enjoyable, so if you are a book lover you should absolutely dive into this podcast. Megan and RJ will provide hours of great conversation and laughter to your day.”
-Film Roast

“Oh no! Lit Class is a gem. I’m so grateful for the #2podsaday campaign for introducing me to this show! The hosts take a piece of literature, give an author bio, recap the book, and then give cultural significance for the book. The hosts Megan and RJ have excellent chemistry, resulting in wonderful moments of banter that always add to (not distract from) the conversation at hand. The podcast is funny, insightful, and educational. While lesser podcasters may find achieving this trifecta a challenge, these hosts could get there even if they (bram s)toked a baby-sized blunt. These hosts do a lot of things well, but I want to point out something super specific that might otherwise be overlooked: they keep the characters straight. At one point, Megan had a scene with like seven people in a room…describing this, she omitted some names, favoring instead their helpful nicknames that reminds the listener of the character’s role and significance. Among them were Van Helsing (def Hugh Jackman, but Vin Diesel would have been an interesting if unconventional casting choice), “the doctor” and “the American dude.” Later, when Quincy dies, Megan subtly reminds the listener who he is while being laugh out loud funny: “RIP Quincy. You were from Texas.” These little notes are so easy to miss, but SO important with this kind of show. To the hosts: keep up the excellent work! To the audience: OMG THIS IS AWESOME, RIGHT?!1! To potential listeners: you’ve now got homework.”
-33% Pulp

Pop Culturally Deprived: Doctor Who & River Song
pop culturally deprived


This week, we finish up our foray into new era Doctor Who by visiting the River Song arc. Did Matthew finally find something he likes in Doctor Who? Is River Song the best character on the show? Listen and find out!
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“A very charming podcast that offers engaging discussions of pop culture. I love the set up of two friends discussing pop culture one from the protective of a long time fan, and the other from the perspective of a newcomer. When they both love the media they’re covering, it’s fun to see them both falling in love with the property and talking about the things that make the thing great.”
-They See Me Rollin’

“I’d say pop culture-type podcasts are right up my alley, but I don’t venture out much to learn about shows, films or genres that I have no experience with. That may change since digging into Pop Culturally Deprived! While only seeing probably a total of two hours of Doctor Who in my entire lifetime, I admit that the plot points or easter eggs were lost on me, but I followed the conversation intently as Mandi and Matthew spell-out detailed reasons for their reactions to River Song’s arc, her character as a whole and more. It’s easy to host a show and say “This sucked” or “This episode was everything,” in this current age of criticism being reduced down to what fits in a tweet, but even when Mandi and Matthew disagree, they are charming, friendly and most of all passionate about the subject matter. I’m already listening to their Parks & Recreation episode — one of my favorite shows — and I look forward to more in-depth chats about my favorite entertainment… and probably some more I haven’t discovered or given a chance yet!”
-Vinyl Emergency