Day 26

Day 26: Famished & Feasting | Way Too Broad

Famished & Feasting
Join host Sarah AKA OtherBlueGirl as she discusses fandoms that she entered into late in the game but doesn’t let that diminish her love for them!

Way Too Broad
A place for friends to talk about things (that make them sound crazy). Listen to three friends talk about whatever the rest of their friends are sick of hearing about this week!

Famished & Feasting: Beauty and the Beast (1991 and 2017)

famished and feasting

In this episode, I’ll be discussing Beauty and the Beast, both the 1991 animated classic and the 2017 live action remake, with my little sister, Lindsay!
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“Any podcast that questions why an eleven year old prince would answer his own door is a podcast after my heart. The host and her special guest give a comprehensive analysis of the two Beauty and the Beast films. It’s like listening to your friends discuss a movie – if your friends are smart and well spoken.”
-Spoop Hour

“Sarah is a super fan and her passion for her subjects reads from just a few moments into the show. This episode she dedicates to sister Lindsay who ends up co-hosting and they discuss their super-fandom of both the animated and live action remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. They effectively balance a researched take on the films and the emotional impacts these viewings have had since childhood. A fun listen for sure.”
-My Neighbors Are Dead

“Sarah a.k.a. OtherBlueGirl is an excellent researcher and as a listener you can really feel her genuine fan excitement over all of her topics! I love that her wide range of guests and co-hosts includes other indie podcasters but also her own family! There is no rapport quite like that between people who have known each other their whole lives and it’s a real asset to her podcast.”
-Way Too Broad

Way Too Broad: Way Too Scared
way too broad


The Great Ghosts vs. Zombies Debate Special of 2017
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“This podcast is very much in the vein of some friends hanging out via Skype or some other video-streaming service and shooting the breeze. The hosts Erin, Hannah, and Ben are very lovely and welcoming to their guests, which include friends and spouses. This particular episode was themed around Halloween, which I really enjoyed, and they debated about which were scarier: Zombies or Ghosts. #TeamZombo…the structure is more geared like a discussion rather than a debate, and they had a safeword in case someone was feeling uncomfortable or attacked. I thought this was a considerate touch, just a really nice way of looking out for one another! Despite the dark subject matter, this was just a feel-good episode because of the level of love in the room. You should check them out!”
-Famished & Feasting

“The Broad way or the highway!
– First, somehow they’ve pulled off a large cast of characters without everyone talking over each other, which should be commended. Next, it’d be interesting to see how they come up with their topics because they seem like a great choice every time. Lastly, I like how they have a section of their show notes called “Homework” which ties into content from, plus promotion of, the podcast.”
-Podcast of 1000s

“You can tell that these folks genuinely like to be around each other and talk about whatever is on their minds. The “Way Too Scared” episode had me in hysterics as they debated the definition of ghosts and decided on a safeword to use in case it got TOO scary. These folks can be my podcast friends anytime!”
-Pop Culturally Deprived