Day 25

Day 25: They See Me Rollin’ | Bad Feminist Film Club

They See Me Rollin’
A Real-Play comedy Dungeons and Dragons podcast where three adventurers join forces with a Daycare to battle gods and the monarchy.

Bad Feminist Film Club
BAD FEMINIST FILM CLUB takes on feminist analyses of its favorite action franchises and discusses the importance of diversity and representation in Hollywood. Previously viewed franchises include FAST & FURIOUS, JOHN WICK, and the Marvel/DC Universes.

They See Me Rollin’: Of Gobs and Men – Chapter 5 – Sick David Byrnes

they see me rollin

The adventurers kidnap a Captain for questioning, but end up having to protect him from his own army.
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“Whether you’re a D&D newbie or a veteran campaigner, there’s something for you to love about They See Me Rollin’. The good humor (and occasional terrible puns) capture the attention, and the chemistry between players is fun to listen to. Even with my lack of knowledge about D&D I was able to chuckle with the crew as they faced owl bears (or is it bear owls?), flaming Ray Romanos, and tried to complete the campaign.”
-Spoop Hour

“Being fans of Nerd Poker, The Adventure Zone and HarmonQuest, this is a podcast we had actually heard about going in. There are a lot of D&D playcasts out there, but there is something about these players/co-hosts’ chemistry that makes them stand out. Competing with the big names and comedy from the pros is always going to be an uphill battle, but They See Me Rollin’ is sharp, funny and has a solid campaign giving them a leg up on a lot of other shows. We are looking forward to going back to the beginning and hearing more.”
-My Neighbors Are Dead

“There is nothing quite so well-suited for collaborative audio storytelling as Dungeons and Dragons, and these guys are a perfect example. Their Dungeon Master, master storyteller Stan Ferguson, builds imaginative and creative worlds for the three role-players (and occasional guests) to explore and mess things up in. I really appreciate the sense of fun, commitment to role playing, and especially the silly puns. If you enjoy The Adventure Zone, Drunks and Dragons, Critical Role, or any other D&D podcast already, you will enjoy this podcast as well! From a logistical standpoint, I really appreciate that they name their story arcs as it makes it a lot easier to decide where to start as a listener.”
-Way Too Broad

Bad Feminist Film Club: Alias Grace
bad feminist film


BFFC takes a detour to analyze the Netflix/Mary Harron miniseries ALIAS GRACE. They’ll discuss f*ckboys: then and now, the blurring of spiritualism and psychology, and how the viewer becomes an accomplice to the media they consume.
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“I really enjoyed this episode and the podcast feel in general. The music intro is super snappy and filled with various quotes, like you’d see in a TV show to introduce the actors, and the audio quality is A+. The two hosts, Sarah and Kelly, have great chemistry, which makes the conversation flow nicely. For those who are a bit squimish about spoilers, the ladies make sure to delineate when the non-spoiler section ends and the spoiler section begins. The discussion itself is peppered with critiques on the show as well as information on its creators and players. As a pop culture nut, I really appreciated this. The feminist aspects of the show are informative without being preachy. I could totally see myself hanging out with these two; they seem super laid back and a blast to listen to. I subscribed less than five minutes into the discussion, and I’m sure, if you give the ladies a chance, you will too!”
-Famished & Feasting

“While I hadn’t seen what they were talking about (Alias Grace), I found their conversation to be interesting. The perspectives these two ladies bring is refreshing, and I loved how they related it to current events, as well.”
-Pop Culturally Deprived

“First, these bad feminists do a good job of breaking down the films and shows they talk about. Next, I like how they warn the listener of things like spoilers or awakward discussion points in their show notes, so read them. Lastly, it would be easy for them to wander off into personal stories but they have the ability to stay on topic from beginning to end.”
-Podcast of 1000s