Day 24

Day 24: Guess What You’re Gonna Hate | Next Fan Up

Guess What You’re Gonna Hate
Janine and Kate have known each other since 2007. While Kate was being a normal person and participating in wider pop culture, Janine rarely watched TV or paid attention to the state of entertainment. In 2017, Kate aims to correct Janine’s mistake by forcing her to watch the best — but mostly the worst — that the 2000s had to offer.

Next Fan Up
The NFL news and reaction show BY the fan – FOR the fan.

Guess What You’re Gonna Hate: A Good, Smart Girl


In our very first episode, Kate makes Janine pick her poison: From Justin to Kelly (2003) starring Kelly Clarkson or Crossroads (2002) starring Britney Spears.
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“Kate and Janine of Guess What You’re Gonna Hate? love superlatives. The tagline of the first episode, “exposing someone to the worst, and sometimes the best, but mostly worst, best pop culture of the 2000s”…but it’s only half precise. Yes, they recapped the entire plot of Britney Spears’ movie Crossroads over the next 30 min or so. Yes, listening to the podcast means you indirectly are exposed to Crossroads. Yes, Crossroads is probably one of the worst scripts Shonda Rhimes ever wrote. But what the podcast’s tagline and title fail to describe is the work Kate and Janine do to contextualize the plot within a larger and more contemporary pop culture climate. This is really the highlight of the show. They keep the tone light, even when discussing the representation of heavy issues (like sexual assault and body shaming) and incorporating tidbits on narrative plot structure (thanks Dean Duncan and college film classes). Their conversation includes funny banter while staying focused on the topic at hand. To wrap back around to superlatives: If you like movie podcasts, YOUR LIFE IS NOTHING WITHOUT THIS: THE BEST POP CULTURE PODCAST ABOUT THE 2000S EVER. Jump in now, so you can say you were a listener before they were huge.”
-33% Pulp

“GWYGTH is an enjoyable look at some classic (or classically bad) movies of the 2000s. The co-hosts have great chemistry and they totally get the “so bad it’s good” approach to movies. I would definitely recommend this if you have nostalgia for the terrible pop movies of your childhood, or just want to hear a female point of view on the subject.”
-Bad Feminist Film Club

Next Fan Up: Welcome To The NFL, Rookie


It’s a day earlier because it’s a little bit longer. In this episode, we revisit the 2017 NFL Draft and rank the rookies’ performances just past the midway point of the season. But first… If you’d like to try out some FREE razors, give Harry’s a try. Sign up for a free shave kit at and help out the show! PodVader hosts the SuperFan Battle to preview Thursday Night Football. Justin (Seahawks) and Dr. Jones (Cardinals) break down all the match-ups. The Seahawks defense is banged up, but the Cards are without their best offensive player and Adrian Peterson is old. Who will win? Then it’s the mega review of the 2017 NFL rookies. Neil (Redskins), Rob (Bills) and Chris (Saints) are the resident SuperFan draftniks and they rate all the performances of the rookies drafted in the 2017 first round. Who do they like? Who do they love? Who do they hate still? Every rookie performance goes noticed.
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“Next Fan Up is an incredibly in depth sports podcast that has the feel of a radio show. With different SuperFans adding their unique perspectives of their favorite teams, PodVader and Rob have a show that never ceases to entertain and inform. While they happily goof with each other, it never devolves into a shouting match. The rookie review episode, in particular, is exhaustive in its analysis of each new player’s current performance within the season (as of mid-November at least). Their breadth of knowledge is vast making this show a standard that all sports fans should add to their play queue.”
-They See Me Rollin’

“While I don’t partake in or listen to much sports radio anymore, the recent era of hosts angrily shouting their viewpoints (even if it’s making a positive remark) and know-it-all armchair quarterbacks has all but steered me away from ever checking out post-game shows, even for the teams I *do* follow. Next Fan Up, however, thrives on a common goal — intelligent, non-combative and sometimes even humorous dialogue — even while each person appearing on the show may hold a different opinion altogether. At first, I wasn’t sure that I was going to get such a respectful, dialed-in approach (as just the name of host PodVader led me to believe I might be in for some insane rantings and tough-guy BS), but he’s truly a nuanced, well-educated host who keeps things rolling while still adding his own personality. While cheering for my team of choice, I don’t always understand or know why certain plays were called or what sort of statistics I should be looking for, but I feel like this episode and a few more into Next Fan Up may make me get it a little deeper.”
-Vinyl Emergency