Day 23

Day 23: Podcast of 1000s | Spoop Hour

Podcast of 1000s
Late-night talk, showcasing performers, in less time, with zero the budget!

Spoop Hour
Ghosts, cryptids, and all things spooky come calling in this comedic podcast! Hosted by two long time friends with an interest in the supernatural, each week the podcast explores the creepy side of life in this world.

Podcast of 1000s: Stuntwoman Luci Romberg Interview

podcast of 1000s

Stuntwoman Luci Romberg interview with music by Punk Rock Band Voice Of Addiction.
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“Michael Paonessa’s podcast of 1000’s feels like a late night talk show shoved into my phone. His guests are unique and interesting. I never would have learned about stuntwoman Luci Romberg and her work with Melissa McCarthy as her go to stuntwoman on all her movies. Luci is in a short movie about her struggle with bulimia called true beauty and after hearing her on the podcast I’m going now to search it out.”
-Spoiler Country

“Interview podcasts are very hit and miss for me, it’s hard to be a good interviewer and provoke interesting stories and conversation from your guest, but Michael is great at it, and this episode is super interesting. Behind-the-scenes movie stuff is always cool and getting to hear from a professional stuntwoman was awesome. Michael keeps things fun and breezy for the most part, but also handles heavier topics like Luci’s struggles with eating disorders with respect and thoughtful questions. Looking at the wide variety of guests in the back catalog, I’m definitely going to be back listening to more.”
-Oh No! Lit Class

“If you love unique interviews, you’ll love Podcast of 1000s, where host Michael reaches out to creators of all kinds, ranging anywhere from YouTubers to Musicians. This episode consists of a delightful conversation with stuntwoman Luci Romberg. Michael lets the subject take the lead, resulting in satisfying and interesting stories from the land of stuntwork. Make sure to stay till the end of the episode to listen to the featured band of the episode, Voice of Addiction.”
-Guess What You’re Gonna Hate

Spoop Hour: Friday the Clownteenth


Get the latest in creepy clown news, tall tales from family members, and the lore behind Friday the 13th.
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“These two ladies are delightful! They bring spooky stories to their audience, culled from family or the news or other resources. They even told us why Friday the Thirteenth is considered a spooky day! Funny and informative, I will definitely listen again.”
-Pop Culturally Deprived

“Getting Spoopy With It!
– First, these ladies are great story tellers and keep you interested in their stories. Next, they’ve learned to blend in just the right amount of vulgarity to make it very funny. Lastly, they have a lot of excellent stories already and I can tell that they’ll keep them coming.”
-Podcast of 1000s

“This episode and podcast has the feel of just two friends hanging out and discussing something topical. The hosts Sasha and Courtney are chill AF and Courtney cusses like a sailor, which I am here for! The format and discussion is very laid back and freefollowing. The ladies don’t take themselves too seriously, and I enjoyed that. It made them very relateable. This is the perfect kind of podcast when you want to put something on as background noise as you do schoolwork or housework. I totally recommend if you’re looking for a podcast that is a bit more freeform, not tied to one particular concept.”
-Famished & Feasting