Day 21

Day 21: What Were They Thinking? | M+K Talk Y.A.

What Were They Thinking?
A weekly podcast in which Nathan and Brendan tear apart a bad-to-questionable movie, as well as answer mailbag questions from fans.

M+K Talk Y.A.
Join M and K as they discuss the latest YA book series, from dystopian futures to high-fantasy adventures (and of course a little bit of nonsense in between). Read along each week, or stop by from time to time to catch up on all your favorite stories.


What Were They Thinking?: Gamera vs. Gyaos

what were they thinking

This is another entry in the insane legacy of Gamera so you know there is tons to talk about including (but not limited to) some of the accent choices by the actors doing the dubbing, the merry-go-round of engineered fake blood, the invisible cows, the epic battle between Gamera and Gyaos getting highly sexual and of course the worst human being in film history – Itchy.
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“There’s a quote from Steel Magnolias where the character Clairee says, “Well, you know what they say: If you don’t have anything nice to say about anybody, come sit by me!” Basically, if there’s a bad movie, I want to be sitting next to Nathan and Brendan! The two hilariously talk about all the absolute worst movies we’ve all paid money to watch. So, thank you for watching them again and saying what we’re all thinking…what the HELL were they thinking?”
-Best Forevers

“Nathan and Brenden have a great take on terrible movies. Their intro bit is hilarious, especially if you’ve seen the movie (and even if you haven’t). Their accents they put on, and the way they joke around make it feel like you’re watching a bad movie with your friends.”
-The Introvert Podcast

M+K Talk Y.A.: The Midnight Star – Part 1 (A Young Elites Novel)
M+k talk ya


M+K pick their personal alignments with the 12 Young Elite gods and worry that Adelina’s darkness is starting to rub off. Plus, The World’s Most Horrifying Dungeons; Saved by the Safety Coffin Bell; Don’t Bring Ex-Boyfriends Back From the Dead; and The Middle-Age Mediocres.
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“Every episode, M+K Talk Y.A. talk about Y.A. Books that they’ve been reading. Hosts Marissa and Katie have great chemistry and this episode they talk about and analyze Marie Lu’s The Midnight Star. While it’s probably best if you’re reading along, that didn’t stop me from enjoying their discussions on blood drinking, which gods they align with, and which parts of the book will be coolest as scenes in a movie. It’s a freewheeling conversation that uses Y.A. To frame their discussion topics.”
-That’s Not How I’d Do It

“M+K is such a pleasure to listen to. They have such great chemistry and are so funny. My favorite part of the podcast is the ” rabbit holes” that they take the listeners into. I am always researching topics that I read about in the books and often find myself falling into rabbit holes too. It makes me feel a connection with the ladies. Listening to this podcast is like hanging out with a couple old friends.”
-Until Dawn Podcast