Day 20

Day 20: I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam | My So-Called Whatever

I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam
I Shake my Head with Lisa and Sam follows two funny women with opinions who love to laugh. We podcast from the car because that’s where we have our best conversations! Our goal is to be the least stressful part of your day.

My So-Called Whatever
A twice-a-week, 80’s/90’s nostalgia, and New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) Podcast hosted by two life-long friends (and blockheads), Brooke & Nikki.

I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam: You Think You Know Us

i shake my head

Lisa and Sam celebrate their 40th episode, answer your questions and reveal lots about themselves! We want you to know who we are and why we podcast!
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“This podcast is the definition of authentic, but in a good way. It really is like you’re hanging out in a car called Betty with the delightfully funny Lisa Gibson and Samantha Sperling! No topic is off limits including gas… in the car… but not that kind of gas! Spoiler Alert – I’m a Canadian who lived in Saskatchewan, so I feel right at home with Lisa and Sam – but don’t worry, they are charming and disarming enough for even foreigners in the UK or US to want to chill out (literally!) in their car in the Canadian midwest!
This podcast will be the least stressful thing you do all week. It’s a good thing!”
-Share a Slice with Sean

“This is a terrific comedy podcast by two hilarious women from Saskatoon. Be sure to listen EP#40 so you can hear how Lisa and Samantha met and why they podcast. They also answer audience questions including some from Calgary’s own Jann Arden! Wait, what?! You heard me right!”
-The GravityBeard Variety Show

My So-Called Whatever: Step 1 – The First Episode
my so-called whatever


The First Episode: First episodes are hard. Join Nikki and Brooke as they fumble their way down memory lane in this first episode of My So Called Whatever, a new podcast for those who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. We’ll talk about New Kids on the Block, a totally 80’s / 90’s themed room, 80’s & 90’s toys, bangs, overalls, Cover Girl French Toast lipstick and more.
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“Nikki and Brooke will hit you right in your late 80’s/Early 90’s Baby feels with their humorous reflections and borderline philosophical discussions on all things retro and awesome that you not quite Gen X not quite Millennials love so much. We’re talking NKOTB, Strawberry Shortcake, Drop Shoulder Overalls, Big Hair, and a while lot more. Personally, I want to see the ladies hunt down a few people’s old “Sticker Books” Remember those? Whole photo albums or notebooks filled with puffy stickers, glitter stickers, Garbage Pail Kids stickers,,, Ah, memories!”
-Baked And Awake

“Its a walk down memory lane with talk of NKOTB and big 1980s hair! These two reminisce over their shared childhood memories and encourage their listeners to share personal pictures and stories with them. Its fun, lighthearted banter that had us yearning for our Duran Duran posters! We are looking forward to many more nostalgic episodes!”
-I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam

“Nikki and Brooke discuss and laugh about the many unique trends of the 80s/90s. As someone born in the mid 80s I can totally relate to the material and found this podcast a fun “blast from the past”. The intro music was great and made me excited to get into the episode. I also love the honesty in the first episode about how it can be difficult to start a podcast (it’s not easy!)
One of the best parts about the podcast is that the girls ask their fans to send them pictures of themselves and pictures of memorable paraphernalia from the 80s/90s, that they then discuss on the show. They also take requests from fans on topics they’d like to hear more about. This crowd sourcing idea is a great way to engage more with fans.
The podcast is marked explicit but there wasn’t much swearing and seemed more on the wholesome side, which is refreshing to me. I would definitely listen to more episodes. I particularly liked remembering the fashions, foods, and toys that I had completely forgotten about (“Rainbow Bright!”). I think anyone who wants to reminisce about the odd period of time that was 80s/90s would enjoy this podcast.”
-M+K Talk YA