Day 2

Day 2: Hong Kong Confidential | The Hidden Staircase

Hong Kong Confidential
Jules Hannaford interviews unique and interesting people from Hong Kong who share their wisdom, experiences and insights with the listener.

The Hidden Staircase
Every two weeks will be a different mystery and murder to bring our your inner detective.

Hong Kong Confidential: Just A Girl

hong kong confidential

Karina Calver describes her troubled childhood as the daughter of Sindhi parents in Hong Kong. She explores the repeated trauma of a father who over stepped the boundaries and a mother who chose not to see. She had to internalize and normalize what happened to her to enable her to function in the family and find her way in life. This is her story. A listener note: this podcast may be distressing to some people as the topic of incest is discussed.
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“Jules lets the guest talk. Really creates a space where the guest can explore a topic. This is a topic that needs to be talked about. Great courage in taking it on. The narration really sounds like you’re reading. More energy would be good. In this episode the audio had an echo. Not sure why though. It could be the mic or the distance to the guest.”
-Change Over Time

“Across fifteen episodes of Hong Kong Confidential, Jules Hannaford gives us a fascinating view of life in Hong Kong. The Karina Calver episode digs particularly deep into the intricacies involved in navigating complicated social issues through multiple cultural dynamics. Jules’ thoughtful, no holds barred interview style results in an impressively candid interview involving incredibly difficult subject matters.”
-Breakers Podcast

The Hidden Staircase: Jane Toppan:
Angel of Darkness, Angel of Death

hidden staircase


In the premiere episode of The Hidden Staircase, we explore life and killing spree of Jane Toppan.
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“The intro to this show uses imagery and tone of voice to draw listeners into the story. The suspense that it builds makes it impossible to stop listening. An especially nice touch is the use of actors to portray parts of the story from the perspective of victims and murderers. I like how well researched the episodes are and even if I have previously heard the story the host introduces a new fact that I hadn’t heard.”
-Not Your Little Lady

“The host, Samantha Taylor, is an amazing story teller. She was able to bring Jane to life in the listen’s imagination. You feel you are right along side Jane throughout her turbulent life and murders.”
-Married To Murder