Day 19

Day 19: Now Then Podcast | Pretty Gross

Now Then Podcast
Now Then shares the stories of people who are over 70 years old, told in their own words. Featuring one person per episode, Now Then finds the fascinating stories hidden in the memories of everyday people, and asks what they can teach us about ourselves. Now Then is produced by Jessie Lawson, with original illustrations by Catherine Cormier.

Pretty Gross
Alyssa and Kayla look at gross things on the internet so that you don’t have to. Each episode, we bring two gross internet discoveries to the table and educate each other – while trying not to vomit.

Now Then Podcast: Eva 1931

now then

Eva made newspaper headlines at the age of five for being the youngest German to be aboard an ocean liner. Little did they know she was Jewish. In this episode, Eva looks back on a life of love, loss and music.
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“This is a truly unique treasure in the podcasting world; a show that tells the stories of people older than 70 in their own words. The podcast is beautifully produced, and really works to highlight the story of the people that they showcase. This episode includes the story of Eva, in which she speaks of experiencing happiness, sadness, peace, and war in a slightly non-chronological story of her life (and that is not a complaint – the slightly fragmentary nature of the story is real and honest, and comes across beautifully). It is extremely touching to hear Eva’s story (which is incredible enough that you should go listen to it right now), and, generally speaking, the podcast also does the important work of preserving social memory.”

“I really love this idea and approach to storytelling with people over the age of 70. I was fascinated by Eva’s story and her ability to recount details of what it was like growing up Jewish and German. The sound quality was excellent and, again, the concept to capture the stories of these people over the age of 70 is such an amazing idea.”
-My So-Called Whatever

“There are many storytelling podcasts but it would be difficult to find one so unique as the Now Then Podcast, which shares stories of the over 70 community in their own words. Eva’s story about love and emigrating to South Africa from Nazi torn Germany will fascinate you and remind you how much has changed and how much has remained the same, as well as how much a young woman from the 40s/50s has in common with young women of today. Even unexpected moments like Eva’s phone ringing are made charming. Touching and inspiring stories of the greatest generation may have only existed in families or small circles can now be heard by the world through Now Then Podcast.”
-Movie Date Night

Pretty Gross: Brain to Table
pretty gross


in the first episode, Alyssa & Kayla talk about how the two grossest things they’ve seen on the internet have brought them together. Spoiler alert… dicks are involved.
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“Episode One of the Pretty Gross podcast was quite the introduction to hosts Alyssa and Kayla, and their worst/grossest thing they’ve ever encountered on the internet. Without spoiling it for you, I’ll just say that I learned a few things I probably could have gone my whole life without knowing about- but I DID laugh out loud to myself more than once while listening to the ladies tell their tales. If you’ve got a strong stomach and like to laugh, Pretty Gross just might be for you!”
-Baked And Awake

“Loved the opening music, nice touch with the Barber Shop Quartet! Kayla and Alyssa start the podcast quickly with their entertaining interaction. What we appreciated is that they tell the listener right off the start that they talk about gross stuff while celebrating weirdness. The inaugural episode made me say “ouch” as they described the video they had stumbled upon, lol! Bravo ladies for watching certain things so the rest of us don’t have too, we tend to agree when you mention that lots of people watch but don’t tell people…your podcast delves into the curiosity that people have!”
-I Shake My Head with Lisa and Sam

“I also (strangely) like to talk about gross stuff, so right off the bat I liked the idea of this podcast. I can totally relate to Alyssa and Kayla saying that no one ever wants to talk to them about the topics they discuss. The girls have a fast, funny, witty banter and are clearly having a blast.
In the pilot the girls each talk about the “grossest thing they’ve seen on the Internet”. I was expecting the material to be a bit more lighthearted than it turned out to be! Topics included a very detailed torture porn video and painful sounding penis modifications and piercings. The girls’ reactions are funny to listen to, but the word “gross” in the title of their show made me expect something a bit less intense! I did like that they rate each topic from 1 to 10 in terms of how gross they found it, because it provided some good structure and also helped give you some perspective on what to expect from future episodes.
Overall though, the girls have an enjoyable banter and are funny to listen to. I would recommend to anyone who has a very strong stomach!”
-M+K Talk YA