Day 18

Day 18: The Introvert Podcast | Build-A-Band

The Introvert Podcast
My name is Amy, and I’m scared to be here! Welcome to The Introvert Podcast. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, but most importantly you’ll spend 30 minutes not talking to any other humans.

Build-A-Band is a comedy podcast where Taylor & Chris, a long-distance couple, design and manage bands from the ground up! They come up with names, styles, music genres, merchandise, and more to create a successful hypothetical musical act. Plus, Skyping for an hour a week to make jokes about music and not talk about how much long-distance sucks helps keep them sane.

The Introvert Podcast: Self Care Isn’t Selfish

introvert podcast

This week we talk about mental health and how that pertains to our personalities, our relationships, and our self worth. Introverts are 93.7% more likely to be diagnosed with a mental illness than extroverts. I share my story, and some advice on taking care of yourself. We NEED to talk about our mental health, and plan to take care of ourselves so we can pour into others.
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“As a fellow introvert, it’s great there’s a podcast for me. Amy is a really great, charming host that invites listeners into her life and her insights. This episode takes on the weighty statistic that introverts are 93.7% more likely to be diagnosed with mental illness. Thankfully, Amy handles it with both honesty and empathy, talking frankly about her own strategies and experiences living with anxiety. I highly recommend The Introvert Podcast, it’s a really well done, personal podcast.”
-That’s Not How I’d Do It

“This podcast isn’t what I would normally listen to, but I’m so glad that I did. Amy does an amazing job. She is so relatable and you can truly feel her struggles. Her Self-Care Isn’t Selfish episode was wonderful. It is one that I will definitely make sure my daughter listens to before she goes off to college. It is not easy to do a solo podcast, Amy does it beautifully though.”
-Until Dawn Podcast

Build-A-Band: The Pop Punk Draft


Gather around the conference table! In this episode, Build-a-Band opens the floor to suggestions from our shareholders (by which we mean Twitter). With their help, we bring you “Dashboard Burritos”: Dashboard Confessional’s Tex-Mex period, a jam band that’s actually a front for an art heist called “Good Band”, and a group of anime club rejects (turned ska band) who finally get what they deserve. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll get pumpkin seeds spat in your face by our newest musician, Smashing Adam, who once played simple percussion in The Smashing Pumpkins! And if we work together, we can save pop punk, in compliance with federal law. We’re retroactively signing you up for our pop punk draft. Surprise!
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“I’m so glad I had the opportunity to review this show! The concept of Build-a-Band is so original and hilarious, sprinkled with music history. It’s the fantasy football of music.”
-The Introvert Podcast

“As someone who studies relationships for a living, I’m so happy that Taylor and Chris have a relationship maintenance strategy for their long-distance relationship…podcasting together! Not only do you get a peek into their relationship, but you get a major look into their musical musings of building the best fake bands based on totally random band names! Here are my random made-up band names for your review: Anne & the Dianas, Hat Trick, Miss Communication, and Stuff & Things”
-Best Forevers