Day 16

Day 16: Share A Slice With Sean | Until Dawn Podcast

Share A Slice With Sean
Sean Skypes with very interesting people in all different walks of life to learn new things. Sideshow performers, morticians, B-Movie stars, sex workers, UFO religions, comedians, feminist porn, E-humans… nudist comedians… you get the picture.

Until Dawn Podcast
Husband and wife team up to bring you a spooky and strange podcast. We talk about the peculiar, haunted, and unexplainable.

Share A Slice With Sean: Cult of the Yellow Sign

share a slice

The Cult of The Yellow sign is a antirationalist sect of doomsday cultists hellbent on the destruction of your insignificant world. Through our devotion to the outer gods that swell and twist maddeningly in the center of the universe, we plan to reduce your meaningless planet to a burnt cinder of smoldering refuse. We are an equal opportunity employer with a comprehensive benefits package.
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“I can see the work put into it, and respect Sean for his efforts. Absurdist comedy, and poking a bit of fun at cults, seems a recipe for a great time! If this sounds like it’s in your wheel-house, then give it a try!”
-The Braintrust Bros.

Until Dawn Podcast: Missouri State Penitentiary
until dawn


In this episode Felicia is back from her investigation at Ohio State Reformatory. So we discuss her trip and some of her experiences there. Also in this episode we discuss the history and hauntings of Missouri State Penitentiary. We also talk about some of our findings and our favorite personal experiences from our investigations there.
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“I appreciate how much research the hosts do- even going to some of the sites! Their rapport is great and their facts are delivered conversationally, which is always refreshing. Creepy mood music is played throughout!”
-We’re All Mad Here

“Ok, we’re officially freaked out. After listening to this episode of Until Dawn, we’ll be sleeping with the lights on tonight. Coy & Felicia really know how to tell a story, giving us a great background into the spectacularly creepy Missouri State Penitentiary and the supernatural experiences with the criminals there. We would definitely recommend listening to this one with a friend, unless you’re particularly brave. Can’t wait to listen to more!”
-Pretty Gross