Day 15

Day 15: The GravityBeard Variety Show | That’s Not How I’d Do It

The GravityBeard Variety Show
Variety show with interviews, stories, discussions, and a healthy dose of nonsense Proud member of the PodFix Network.

That’s Not How I’d Do It
Every week we take a look at the world around it, find something we want to improve and, uh, fix it.

The GravityBeard Variety Show: Avoid Being Hated in Dallas


Two special guests stop by to discuss hypotheticals, the origin of the zipper, a brief version of This Week Today and more.
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“This podcast is very easy and fun to listen to – this episode in particular is even more enjoyable because the host’s wife joins him with another equally fun guest. They all have great chemistry, but the married dynamic in particular is very sweet to hear, and makes listening to this episode even more enjoyable! They all give really good, honest, and realistic parenting advice. I love the hypothetical situation discussions that they go through, and the rest of their segments (would-you-rather situations) have some really funny bits. Most of all, it’s fun to listen to how much fun the host and guests are having! The positivity in the podcast is contagious.”

“Nice variety-style podcast. The host is great! Like the segmented format (and love that the segments are timestamped in the notes). And any podcast that plays Paul Westerberg is a-ok by me!”
-My So-Called Whatever

“A variety show for your ears. A little something for everyone, from discussing topics, to movies, to music, to sports the hosts expertly weave from one thread to another, keeping things lively and moving. In their Avoid Being Hated in Dallas episode, the hosts discuss managing busy families and how much screen time is too much screen time, then delve into regular segments revisiting the history behind the zipper and other events that occurred that day in history. When you can’t decide which podcast to listen to, GravityBeard offers up that variety you need.”
-Friday Is Game Night

That’s Not How I’d Do It: #SNOTBOYZ Take On Crime TV
that's not how i'd do it


In the criminal justice system, podcast-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In this episode, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the #SNOTBOYZ. These are their stories. DUN! DUN!
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“These guys are hilarious. They work off of each other so well, and it’s a hoot to hear them throw out ideas and immediately incorporate them into the new pitch. Best of all, you don’t feel like you’re just listening to some friends trade inside jokes, you feel like you’re right there with them and in on everything.”
-We’re All Mad Here

“If you’re like us and can waste an entire Sunday watching SVU reruns, then this is the episode of “That’s Not How I’d Do It” you need to check out. The hosts Jared, Sam, and James reverse engineer their own crime TV show idea, tuning up the tired tropes we see every day. With some great soundtrack choices and intense dedication to character & story (no matter how silly), these guys really put their own spin on a new & improved crime TV show idea. Hopefully we’ll see this one on TV soon!”
-Pretty Gross