Day 14

Day 14: Denver Orbit | Baked and Awake

Denver Orbit
Denver Orbit is an audio magazine that features voices, stories and music from Colorado’s creative community.

Baked and Awake
Baked and Awake is a Pacific Northwest based Pod where we talk about cannabis and the lifestyles of the very regular yet incredibly interesting people who cherish it. We cover a wide range of weed related topics including strain reviews, general history of the plant and its many uses, recipes, cultivation, extraction and concentrates, and much more. If we have an over arching goal, it is to normalize the perception of daily cannabis users and what it means to truly tap into the amazing potential of this special plant, prized among diverse cultures from time immemorial as sacred, strong medicine. While taking this journey together, we will explore some of the myths, mysteries and misconceptions about not only this, our favorite plant- but indeed the very world we live in. Wait, what? Well, sure! We’re gonna be (moderately) stoned, so we might as well solve the world’s problems (Or at least talk about them!) while we are feeling philosophical! Get ready to talk about everything from Sasquatch to Bottomless pits. Haunted places and unexplained disappearances. Bilderbergers, Masons, Scientologists- nobody’s safe from the scrutiny of our green tinted lenses. In short- if it’s weird, wild, or far fetched, we are probably gonna spend some time on it.

Denver Orbit: The Roommate and Other Tales


Episode Four of Denver Orbit includes these stories: The Roommate Part 1 by Mike Flaherty (with an assist from Ryan Connell) The song Hell Has a Heart by Rabbit is a Sphere Making Up for Lost Opportunities by Hillary Pawelka (read by Andrea Sanchez) Music from the great Tropicalia artists Os Mutantes, Gal Costa and Caetano Veloso The music of Broke for Free, The Lovely Moon, Alastair Galbraith and Little Glass Men was used to score The Roommate
More episodes of note: A Certain Type | An Analog Heart

“The format of this podcast is very unique and engaging to listen to, it is extremely well-edited and produced, and the hosts seem to have great chemistry. I love that it is community-based project, and that they are highlighting local artists and musicians. This episode features a personal story, local music, and a short story that are all interesting and a true delight to listen to – although, the personal story was left on a cliffhanger, which means I will immediately have to go listen to the next episode. Now that’s effective podcasting!”

“I really enjoyed this episode! The story (The Roommate Part 1) was interesting, well told and edited beautifully. I have downloaded the next episode to listen to Part 2. Love the music chosen – overall, a very cool vibe. Sounds great, perfect length episode for lunch break consumption.”
-My So-Called Whatever

“A unique audio magazine highlighting Colorado’s creative community plays out like an independent radio lab. Blending true stories you’d never hear elsewhere with local music their fourth episode introduces listeners to a woman pondering the life story of a fellow commuter she’s never spoken to, interstitials by Denver band Rabit is a Sphere, and part one of a war veteran trying to figure out if his new roommate is faking PTSD and his wartime experience. Serialized stories compel the listener to keep listening to episode after episode.”
-Friday Is Game Night

Baked and Awake: Stranger Things Predictive Programming
baked and awake


Episode 15 includes a strain review by our friend Palu, and the introduction of the topics of “Predictive Programming” and “Disclosure” in popular media, through the lens of the Stranger Things Universe.
More episodes of note: A Powerful Joint | Legal Cannabis Updates and Other News

“While I know nothing about pot and its culture, the show wasn’t alienating in any way. Steve has a great voice that’s easy to listen to, and I enjoyed his in-depth look at symbolism and history in science fiction. Palou’s (sp?) strain review is interesting, though I could do without listening to a real-time inhale and exhale each time he takes a hit.”
-We’re All Mad Here

“An excellent choice for the cannabis connoisseur, conspiracy theorist, & TV binger in all of us. If you’re looking for an in-depth look at Stranger Things & other sci-fi and fantasy media, look no further. And not only do we get a spoiler free discussion about the show, but we also get an even deeper dive into some fun (and terrifying!) conspiracy theories connected to the show – and what our government might be doing to all of us. Definitely recommend, especially if you’ve already smoked a little something to take the edge off.”
-Pretty Gross

A very cool slice of something new that I didn’t expect. On this episode, a vape pipe is reviewed and tested on the air but that’s not all. This podcast seemingly was about to do a straight review of Stranger Things 2 but rather than give spoilers for the Netflix juggernaut, they break it down into discussing various conspiracy theories. It’s a cool mixture of different segments so nothing ever feels like it’s going too long and it’s all done with likeable hosts who have great radio voices.
-What Were They Thinking