Day 13

Day 13: Movie Date Night | We’re All Mad Here

Movie Date Night
Dating hosts take turns introducing their significant other to movies they love but the other hasn’t seen, and see if their partner likes the movie as much as they do.

We’re All Mad Here
This is a podcast about the history of mental health: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Join your host Rachel, a crazy person in her own right, as she explores the history of mental illness and the people involved. Sneak down the dark halls of abandoned asylums and hear the sordid stories of what happened there. Meet their infamous residents and doctors. Learn the details of experimental procedures. Listen to the accounts of those who brave their disorders today and the stigma attached to them.

Movie Date Night: Dark City

movie date night

Lauren shows Greg the sci-fi noir Dark City and they discuss Keifer Sutherland’s sexual breathing techniques, unhealthy obsessions with the beach, and together our hosts explore the Mandela Effect.
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“I love the idea of introducing someone to your favorite movies! The hosts, Greg and Lauren, can each take a turn being the “expert” and the “rookie” when it comes to watching a movie. So, I really appreciate the amount of time and effort Lauren, for example, went into Dark City and then Greg adding on new ideas from what he got while watching it for the first time. Their rapport, pace, editing, knowledge of the movies, and humor make the podcast super enjoyable! In fact, I may just stop watching movies and just solely listen to them!”
-Best Forevers

We’re All Mad Here: Rosemary Made All the Difference
we're all mad here


The Kennedy family is internationally famous for their high-achieving, beautiful, and influential members. But America took a stand to help the intellectually disabled because of the daughter they hid away: Rosemary. While surpassing her siblings in beauty and personality, Rosemary was born intellectually disabled and soon lagged behind her fast-moving family. Her parents believed that if they held Rosemary to the same standards as her siblings, she would overcome her disability- and therefore, she never truly got the help or education she needed. After blossoming in London, Rosemary returned to the country that pushed her aside, and she began regressing. Soon her tantrums led to seizures and her parents didn’t know what to do. Her eldest brother was being groomed to be the first Irish-Catholic President of the United States. and they couldn’t afford any mistakes. And so Joseph Kennedy, Sr brought Rosemary in for a lobotomy.
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“We’re All Mad Here tackles the history of mental illness through its stories. In this episode, we learn about Rosemary Kennedy, one of President Kennedy’s younger siblings. It’s a harrowing, compelling story from the very moment of Rosemary’s birth to her death 86 years later. Rachel is a great host, whose sense of pacing is matched by her preparation and research. We’re All Mad Here is as exciting as it is informative.”
-That’s Not How I’d Do It

“This podcast covers two things that I love, mental health and the history of it. After starting with a new episode I immediately went and downloaded all the past episodes that were still available. The episodes are well researched and the sound quality is great. Every episode pulls me in and I’m always disappointed when they end. I think I have found my newest podcast obsession.”
-Until Dawn