Day 11

Day 11: PLAYLIST | The Braintrust Bros.

PLAYLIST brings together some of your favorite podcasters to curate and review a playlist. Each week is a new theme, with a new roundtable of curators talking about the music they love.

The Braintrust Bros.
Every week, host Rhett Hall, sits down someone that he finds interesting, that he has never met. Through the course of the conversation, Rhett, along with the audience, gets to know the guest, while digging into the motivations that make them do what they do, in hopes of inspiring others.

PLAYLIST: We Belong Together


We share our favorite music collaborations.
Plus: An explanation on power bottoms. The perfect music for robot sex. Josh hates on Bjork, Myk hates on Ed Norton. Dan comes out as a Limp Bizkit superfan. And Steven brings us one pretty fuck.
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“Playlist has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts, for numerous reasons. On the consumer end, it hits all the cues of nerdy and emotional music banter that I love. On the creator level, being a guest on the show has given me two cathartic experiences. If you enjoy podcasts, and the people who create them, and you enjoy people that you like talking about music, then playlist should find its way on to your playlist!”
-The Braintrust Bros.

The Braintrust Bros.: The Dan and Kody Interviews- Part One, feat. Dan Hill


In part one of this two part series, Rhett sits down with Dan Hill, on half of The Dan and Kody Podcast. Dan talks about growing up in suburban Maryland, just outside of Washington D.C., about making the trek from Maryland to LA stuck in a moving truck for 6 days, and all about he met his soulmate: Kody Frederick. We also find out the name behind the mysterious middle initial, J. Sit back, relax, and enjoy, a conversation between two guys getting to know one another.
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“Rhett opens up the episode by setting the scene on who his interviewee is. Rhett and Dan have an easy conversation due to the amount of research Rhett has done on his guest and his ability to relate to Dan. I enjoyed their conversation about the indie podcast and their passion for what they and why they do it. After listening to this episode, I felt like I knew more about Dan and could relate to him on many levels. This was an easy podcast to listen to and I look forward to listening to the interview Rhett did with the host/creators of the Dirty Bits podcast.”
-Brodette Nation

“The premise of interviewing interesting creators to find out more about their subject and their underlying passions for doing what they do in order to inspire others is awesome! Rhett is a wonderfully supportive host who is genuinely interested in his guest and the conversation that flows is easy and interesting. I enjoyed learning more about Dan Hill from the Dan & Kody Podcast. Rhett has interviewed other creators that I follow so I am keen to go ahead and listen to those episodes too! The insight into other creators adds another level of value by getting to know them better and hearing their journeys that got them to where they are today is definitely inspiring.”
-Sunshine & PowerCuts

“Engaging and informative, Rhett has a great conversational style in his interviewing and clearly loves what his guests bring to the table. He allows his guests to have fun and it’s obvious they are relaxed and ready for whatever Rhett throws their way. Lots of pop culture and free flowing conversation!”
-Business Women Losing Weight