Day 10

Day 10: Westside Fairytales | Business Women Losing Weight

Westside Fairytales
An anthology of standalone horror stories that all take place in an interconnected universe. The stories range from domestic horror about a dissatisfied housewife’s day after she drops the kids off at school, to weird fiction set in humanity’s far-flung future, where a brain-controlling fungus threatens to destroy a colony on an alien world. These stories run the gamut from bloody comedy (Gourmand Gourmet) to subtle, bloodless horror (The Balloon Game). No matter your tastes, there’s a story for you.

Business Women Losing Weight
What’s the next project deadline? Is bookkeeping up to date? What camp are the kids in this week? And what’s for dinner? If this sounds like any given day, then grab your earbuds as you head to your next meeting to learn how Business Women Lose Weight. Amy Latta, certified life coach, weight coach, and personal trainer, will teach you how to get hours back in your day, regain your energy, and live like a naturally thin person. She has lost the same 30 pounds three times, and knows the struggle of more things to do on your to-do list than there are hours in the day. She’ll tackle these subjects with a new perspective, vulnerability, and a bit of a salty tongue. She’s all in. You coming with her? Learn more about Amy at

Westside Fairytales: The Balloon Game

westside fairytales

A girl invites her friend to play a simple game that has terrifying implications for both their lives.
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“The host utilizes the natural tone of his voice to his advantage. His almost monotone voice allows the creepiness of his tales to slowly come over the listener. The story uses descriptive words to paint a scene in front of the listener’s eyes that helps to visually connect them to the story. Even after the episode wrapped up I couldn’t stop myself from thinking back to it throughout the day.”
-Not Your Little Lady

“This podcast will keep you captivated from the moment it begins. His voice draws you in and you can’t turn it off.”
-Married To Murder

Business Women Losing Weight: Live Your Best Life Ever
business women losing weight


The one where, at risk of channeling Oprah, I give you the five steps to living your best life ever. To view the show notes, ask a question, or leave a comment, visit
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“Host Amy Latta is a life and weight loss coach who wants to help you get back your time, take care of business, and live like a naturally thin person. In Episode 20 ‘Live Your Best Life’, she reminds us that we don’t need anyone else’s validation, that our bodies are amazing no matter what they look like, and that women are trained to focus on “flaws” in their bodies, in ways that most men are not. She also states, “it’s really amazing how easy it is to condemn others who speak and live differently than we do.” So true. Deprogram yourself by listening to this body-positive pod. ”
-Vocal Fries

“I have to preface this by saying I usually absolutely hate listening to people talk about weight loss and their diets and hating on themselves for eating a cookie… and I thought this podcast was delightful. Business Women Losing Weight has a positive message, and is sprinkled with anecdote’s from Latta’s own life. The focus is on empowerment, community building, and creating a wonderful life. I listened to Episode 20 on living your best life, and it was full of tools to use to manage your own life and have self-confidence. For a weight-loss podcast, it was surprisingly body-positive. I am a fellow thigh sister so I appreciated the anecdote about thick-thighed ladies. Love your body, love your thighs. Challenge the asshole in your brain.”