Day 1

Day 1: The Vocal Fries | Breakers

The Vocal Fries
The podcast about linguistic discrimination. Learn about how we judge other people’s speech as a sneaky way to be racist, sexist, classist, etc. Carrie and Megan teach you how to stop being an accidental jerk.

Breakers Podcast is Shepherd Grey’s account of what life looks like after organized civilization crumbles as he and his faithful canine companion, Rommel, venture out from their home in Virginia to try and count themselves among the survivors. It has been several years since the outbreak began. The virus is just a sick and twisted part of life now. You test as much as you can, but there is no preventing it, only staying alive until you catch it. “Red you’re dead” is a phrase all to commonly heard throughout the world. You have the survivors, outlaws and the breakers… If you don’t fit into those categories, you’re probably among the dead.

The Vocal Fries: Uppity Women

vocal fries

In this episode we discuss the dreaded vocal fry. We explain what vocal fry actually is, who uses it (*cough* everyone *cough*), and why we judge only women for using it. Carrie and Megan ask you to stop judging women for using vocal fry – it’s a proxy for sexism and anyway, it’s everywhere.
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“This podcast is hosted by two linguists who explore linguistic discrimination and all of the ways we unknowingly judge other people based on their speech. They are funny, insightful, and a bit irreverent. Their first episode focuses on the sexism of judging women based on their usage of what is known as vocal fry. As someone who has vocal fry and who interviews many people with vocal fry, I was fascinated to learn the science behind it and its history and connotations. And as someone who tries to be a good ally, this podcast is an excellent resource for learning about the ways we have been trained to respond to otherness. It’s podcasts like this that help us to all be better global citizens.”
-How To Make A Memory

“This podcast explores a very interesting topic of a linguistic skill often used to create meaning. The hosts Carrie and Megan, have great energy and are fabulous speakers. I didn’t even know what vocal fry was before listening to this podcast. I had a different idea in my head before I started listening and then I was enlightened. Now I know what vocal fry is and its very enlightening and something that I have actually experienced but didn’t have a name for it. I was also surprised to hear that more women are criticised for their vocal fry than men, hence linking back to the podcasts overarching theme of linguistic discrimination. I love the way that the hosts give us examples to support what they are talking about. The hosts also discuss vowel elongation and other speech techniques. A lovely historical background of the vocal fry is explored as well. This is an awesome podcast that I recommend to others. PS: I like the hosts voices!”
-Hong Kong Confidential

“Great intro and straight to the point about what the podcast is all about – which is super helpful because the name of the podcast sounds fun but I wasn’t too sure what it was going to be about. The conversation is super well organized, easy to listen to flow, with a great topic added to it. I also enjoyed the laughter and unscripted style – keep it up!”
-Hometown History

Breakers: Episode 1: Shepherd Grey


The introduction to the protagonist, Shepherd Grey.
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“Done in the style of a traditional radio drama, Breakers follows a man named Shepard Grey in his travels across the post-apocalyptic remains of the United States. With his dog, Rommel, at his side, the two struggle to survive the wasteland and the horrifying, fast-spreading disease that caused the apocalypse. Told in radio audio-drama style from Shepard’s perspective, tight sound design and excellent production make this the story podcast you won’t want to miss.”
-Westside Fairytales

“From the moment those 2 gun shots go off at the beginning of the episode I was completely enveloped and knew I was going to be in for a treat! It’s like a podcast pringle, you can’t listen to just one, you have to know what’s going to happen next. Binge worthy show!”
-Between Us Girls